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29G planted aquarium background and plan

This is my second attempt at my 29 gallon tank. I didn’t really know what I was doing with my first attempt. I saw some plants at Petco and thought it would be cool to try it. It failed miserably since I didn’t know anything and was trying to learn as I went. I’ve learned that there is lots of work and learning that needs to be done in order to have a planted tank. I need to be patience and learn as much as I can before jumping in with both feet.

I’ve decided to give it a shot again. I’m attempting to do a high tech setup on a budget.

The Details

Substrate: I’m am using a 50/50 mix of flourite and black gravel. It is about 3 inches deep.
Lighting: I have three 8.5 inch clamp lights from Home Depot with 27 watt (or was it 23? I don’t remember) 6500k spiral CFL blubs in them. I write another post explaining my light in more detail.
Filter: I have a SunSun HW-302 canister filter that I plan on using after I fill the tank with water.
CO2: I have a 20# CO2 tank with an Aquatek Regulator and bubble counter. Along with the filter this isn’t being used at the moment since the air contains plenty of CO2 so I don’t need to inject it into the tank.
Fertilizers: I’m still doing research on these but I plan on adding fertilizers once I add water to the tank. I’ll post more about this when I have this figured out.
Plants: I’m going to stick to mostly easy plants and set myself up for success. I’ll throw in a couple harder plants once I get things figured out. I plan to have a heavily planted tank.
Fish: I want some schooling fish for sure. I haven’t thought about this a whole lot since the plants have been my main focus.


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